CrabApple Music is a full-service Film Scoring and Music Supervision company based in Los Angeles, California.  Founded by Los Angeles based musicians, Christian Biel and Christopher J. King, CrabApple provides a service that is equally balanced in craft and creativity culminating in a product that is finely tuned and tailored to each of their client's needs.  With more than 10 years of experience, in a variety of different musical disciplines, Christian and Christopher teamed up in 2012 to merge their individual sounds into one musically coherent soundscape.  

Together, they produce scores that are both traditional (acoustic) as well as experimental (electronic) in nature.  CrabApple is setup to meet the musical needs of any project, including:  scoring, licensing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.  Christian and Christopher are both active musicians in Los Angeles and maintain strong professional relationships with local artists whose individual talents are often called upon to bring a unique balance of electronic and acoustic scores. 

CrabApple Music is well equipped to work with any budget and any size project.  From full-length films, short films, web series and mixed media projects, CrabApple is committed to finding the right sound for your current footage.  CrabApple Music is a proud member of ASCAP.